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Project Description

The CAM editor is the leading open source toolkit for building and deploying information exchanges and Open Data APIs using XML or JSON with SQL. The CAM toolkit provides an intuitive approach using a WYSIWYG visual structure editor to dramatically simplify the process of developing and managing XML business information exchanges and schema. This gives developers control, insights and analysis that are needed for consistent, interoperable and reliable exchanges.

The CAM toolkit also automates the tasks of generating supporting artifacts such as business documentation, cross-reference spreadsheets, models, XML Schema, JAXB data bindings and test XML instances generation including SQL data extracts.

The CAM editor can import, analyze and refactor existing exchange XML Schema for better compatibility and use in middleware, including generating XML Schema. Schema generated can be in simple generic syntax or choose from model compliant styles consistent with enterprise integration patterns.

The full XML exchange structure, rules and documentation details are stored in the OASIS CAM standard XML template format. These OASIS CAM standard XML validation templates can include use of content models, code lists, direct SQL table lookups, SQL table data mappings, and business logic expressed as XPath rules with warnings and error-flagging that together provides a comprehensive XML exchange handling framework.

The new Open-XDX open data capabilities use code-free techniques in combination with CAM templates and visual drag and drop to rapidly design your XML exchange with SQL DBMappings. From there Open-XDX will automatically generate all the SQL for you, read the database data, generate and populate the valid XML output, and filter with parameters. You can build either Query/Response or Publish/Subscribe services from existing SQL data stores to XML literally in minutes.

It is compatible with the NIEM approach for information exchange integration with extensible profiles for NIEM, OASIS and more. Also supports Compliance and Interoperability Testing environment development (CITE) with use of Test Suites and the CAMV validation engine.

The CAM toolkit supports the use of Canonical Model dictionary components with visual Drag and Drop designing. Also provides a set of tools for harvesting and generating canonical dictionaries from existing XML Schema libraries, SQL data stores or enterprise data modelling tools. The CAM approach enables core component message assembly from canonical dictionary collections.

The standalone CAMV validation engine, written in Java, implements an XML and JSON validation framework using the OASIS CAM specification as the foundation. Also designed for integration with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the CAMV XML validation framework supports use with other message based integration patterns such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), LEXS (Logical Entity Exchange System) and ebXML messaging systems.

Uses of CAM

Example uses for the CAM toolkit include:

  • Developing of XML exchanges, templates, rules and documentation
  • Creating dictionaries of canonical components for use in XML exchanges
  • Working with industry domains such as NIEM.org, OAGi BODs and OASIS exchange schemas
  • Developing NIEM IEPD conformant artifacts and verifying NIEM NDR and reuse calculations
  • Building models of exchange schema and dictionaries in UML/XMI and mind map formats
  • Generating realistic XML test examples
  • Creating actual XML exchange instances from live SQL store data
  • XML validation framework using the CAMV validation engine
  • JSON validation services and JSON/XML handling with StAXON
  • Open Data API integration using Open-XDX component
  • Compliance and Interoperability Testing environment development (CITE)


The current release of the CAM toolkit provides the following functionality:

  • Visual drag and drop authoring of XML exchange structures from dictionary collections of components
  • Import of data models as XSD schema, and WSDL to create or enhance XML exchanges
  • SQL data store mapping of tables and columns to XML structure components
  • Open Data designer drag and drop from SQL data store tables to create new XML structures
  • Support for JSON handling and validation in editor, CAMV and Open-XDX tools
  • Generation of model compliant XML Schema using profiles, e.g. NIEM, OASIS, WSDL
  • Evaluation Reporting of schema design quality assessment
  • Canonical model dictionary management and generation
  • Industry Standard XML Frameworks support
  • Exchange Modelling with UML/XMI
  • Run time validation engine the CAMV Java module
  • Code list and SQL table lookup validation tools and run time CAMV
  • Business logic rule validation using template XPath expressions
  • Example XML instance generation with content hinting
  • XML Test Suites using Ant scripting of CAMV
  • Compliance Test Language using XPath expressions and CAMV
  • XML editor and integrated development environment
  • Language localization support for menus and forms


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