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Project Description

PHP Generator for MySQL is a PHP code generator for rapid web application development in the Windows environment. PHP Generator lets you quickly build a website from a MySQL database with no actual programming. PHP Generator for MySQL is a frontend for creating high-quality PHP scripts for the selected tables, views and queries for the further working with these objects through the web.

Users of your generated web application will be able to view, add, edit, and delete database records from the generated forms. It features data management abilities (adding, editing and deleting records), customization of the HTML appearance, support of hyperlinks and images, filtering and sorting abilities, hard-coded user authentication, lookup options for master-detail relations, integrated script navigation, and ability to create multilingual Web apps.

Key features include:

  • Master-detail presentations
  • Data protection with application, page, and record level security
  • Professionally designed page templates
  • Customizable sorting, filtering, and pagination
  • Data validation and lookup controls in the generated forms
  • Automatic RSS feed generation
  • Data export to PDF, XML, CSV, Excel, and Word

PHP Generator for MySQL produces clear and easy to understand code that can be used as is or modified in any way you need.