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Project Description

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor is an HTML Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes. PageBreeze’s design emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use. You’ll find that you’ll be creating great looking websites almost instantly–with virtually no learning curve! It offers the kind of power you would find in the leading commercial products. Its visual editor is actually powered by Microsoft Internet Explorer, so you can always be certain that you are seeing exactly what you will get when your Web site is uploaded to your server. You can switch between HTML source and visual modes at any time with a click of the mouse. The graphical user interface of the program is highly customizable. You are allowed to remove any panel or toolbar you see. Moreover, the main window of the application can be resized in order to provide you with additional working space.

PageBreeze HTML Editor includes point and click form building tools which makes it easy to build professional-looking Web forms and get them working almost instantly, without the need for programming or scripts. The form builder offers you access to a large number of form elements that you can insert into your webpage: text box, text area, list box, radio button, drop-down list, password box, etc.

This program enables you to create HTML webpages, and lets you preview the results afterward. Also, in order to help you ensure that your HTML source code contains no errors, this program includes a spell checker.

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor Features

  • A full-featured but easy to use visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor for creating web pages.
  • Version 5.0 has a completely updated editor with many new features and support for the latest HTML standards.
  • Our freeware visual editor is actually powered by Microsoft Internet Explorer. So you can always be sure you are seeing exactly what you will get.
  • Color-coded HTML source (tag) editor. You can switch between HTML source and visual modes at any time with a click of the mouse, and any changes you have made will instantly be reflected in both modes.
  • Preview mode lets you instantly see what your finished web page will look like in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Included webpage templates and direct access to hundreds of free website templates to give you a fast start on creating a great looking site.
  • Point and click form building tools make it fast and easy to create powerful web forms.
  • Built-in integration with our form processing service, so you can make your web forms work almost instantly with no programming, scripts, or technical knowledge required.
  • Built-in in integration with our web knowledge-base, so you can easily add a 24×7 customer service system that will answer your customers’ questions instantly.