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Project Description

OpenBEXI is a WYSIWYG HTML builder using the magic of HTML5 and CSS3 . By resizing, dragging and dropping various HTML widgets it is easy to build a web page.  All texts using the DOJO editor, pictures, charts, chart-flows, Dygraphs, timelines, lists and DOJO widgets edited on your browser look like the HTML page you are going to publish to your web site. OpenBEXI provides a powerful CSS and JavaScript editor to change on the fly the presentation and the behavior of your web pages.  Tools allow you to create, manage and publish web projects and HTML pages for the Internet.

Open Bexi HTML Builder is a powerful and easy to use WYSIWYG development environment for HTML from any modern browsers.  It comes with a great array of features. Open BEXI HTML Builder allows you to create a standard HTML web page without the need for any HTML knowledge.  After creating HTML elements from the inspector or a popup menu (right mouse button), you can remove, drag or resize the HTML items where you want them to appear.  Powerful auto-arrange and spacing features allow you to line up all HTML items in a vertical or horizontal row.

You can connect the HTML Builder to Open BEXI Creative.  Open BEXI Creative is the server side, and Open BEXI HTML Builder is the client side of the project Open BEXI.  You can build Web pages from the true WYSIWYG Open BEXI HTML Builder in a standalone mode, but when it is connected to the Open BEXI Creative server:

  • You can publish “on fly” your WEB pages to any remote boxes or your site if your WEB hosting provider allows SSH or SFTP access. You can connect your Web page, browse and pick up data from any SQL server supporting a JDBC driver. The Open BEXI package comes per default with an embedded Hsqldb database.
  • You can connect to the Google picture website, filter and pick up media to build your Web page.
  • You can create a project and save all WEB pages related to the project.
  • You can create templates and save it to the template directory.
  • You can create Timeline (Simile), Fisheyes, Pages, graphs (nodes/edges), boxes, buttons, pictures, lines, links, DõJõ, forms, lists, tables, media, DõJõ clocks, DõJõ calendars, tabbers.

The powerful text editor FCKeditor has been integrated in Open BEXI and allows creating texts.  The FCK HTML text editor brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word.  You can also copy/paste texts, cells from Word, Excel or HTML items from existing web pages. You have in addition the Open BEXI flexibility to resize and move one or more FCK editors on the same page in seconds.

Open BEXI inspector allows you to update the CSS styles from pickers or CSS templates .