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Project Description

Jahshaka is a free open source digital content creation platform. It delivers a media management and playback platform that is accentuated by compositing, editing and effects modules. Jahshaka has the video and audio editing capabilities of professional-level software. It can handle real-time image processing with node based effects; editing in DV, SD, HD and film; real-time 3D compositing and Flash animation (up to 32k matte layers); OpenGL-based paint; and a text module. It has modules for color correction, keying, and tracking, and an array of media support. The app also comes with JahPlayer, a media player that claims to work on Nokia cell phones, and with virtually all audio and video formats, including MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, OGG. Promoted as cross-platform, able to function with Macs and Linux as well as it does with Windows, Jahshaka has the potential to drastically change the am-pro animation scene.

Core Features

  • 2D and 3D animation & compositing
  • Media and asset management
  • 2D and 3D playback
  • Color Correction
  • Editing & Effects


Windows, Mac, and Linux