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Project Description

Free JavaScript Editor is an Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals in Windows. Free JavaScript Editor can be used for professional editing of JavaScript code and creating special effects for webpages using CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and Ajax. In addition to editing JavaScript and Ajax code, it is used for creating animations and other special effects for Webpages using DHTML, Ajax, CSS and JavaScript. Free JavaScript Editor allows you to input parameters and properties for the different special effects and then creates the HTML and JavaScript code with a click of a button! Use Go to declaration feature (Ctrl + Click) to navigate to the line of code where the label, function or variable is declared. Context Help (Shift+F1) gives you access to over 2000 methods, properties, events etc. of DHTML! Just place the cursor on any word in the Free JavaScript Editor then press Shift+F1 and get description (with examples) of almost any object of JavaScript and DHTML. Beside rich possibilities of editing scripts (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and ASP) Free JavaScript Editor offers a large snippets library with full collection of DHTML and JavaScript tags, attributes, statements etc. (over 1200).

JavaScript Editor uses Intellisense to make writing JavaScript code simpler and make it more error-free. You can keep your context, find the information you need, insert language element directly into your code, and even have IntelliSense complete your typing for you. Free JavaScript Editor can aid you navigate through JavaScript code using built-in “Functions and Variables” navigator.

AJAX developers can easily use Free JavaScript Editor as Ajax Editor. Ajax Editor can help you navigate through code using a built-in “Functions and Variables” navigator. Free JavaScript Editor uses Intellisense to simplify writing of code and make it more error-free. Clipboard panel allows you to get all clipboard copy actions (up to 30). Ajax Editor offers an excellent JavaScript source code formatter and beautifier, which allows you to customize and apply any style you want. Ajax Editor offers built-in JavaScript Debugger which allows you run and debug JavaScript code one line at a time, and each time.

Note!  Intellisense is available for only 21 days in Free JavaScript Editor. There are also some features that are missing in the free version of JavaScript Editor. If you want to get all of the of JavaScript Editor you should use 1st JavaScript Editor Pro.